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Free Up Your Time & Simplify Your Life

We created templates, checklists, assessments and other digital products to help you manage your time, your projects, your business and help you achieve the life you desire—without the hassle.

You CAN outsmart the stress & stay cool under pressure.

Beat the overwhelm and check out our digital products (checklists, templates, assessments, and ebooks) to help you tackle any project or endeavour with confidence and ease.

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Chaos-Proof Your Mind

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a creator, or you work a 9 to 5 job, our products are designed to help you reach your goals faster, cutting the time needed in half.

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Enhance Team Success Through Structured Responsibilities.

Enhance listening skills for effective communication and understanding.

Navigate change, excel in evolving professional landscapes.

Navigate organizational change effectively with a structured checklist.

Efficient guide for seamless client onboarding process.

Professional closure for client engagements.


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Blueprint for Success, Clear Steps to Achieve Goals.

Uncover underlying issues for effective problem-solving.

A tool for presenting project proposals effectively.

Aids proactive management of organizational transitions.

A tool for navigating organizational transitions.

Enhances customer experience through structured feedback.


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A tool for identifying and managing stress.

Evaluate and enhance effective communication skills.

Assessment gauges adaptability in dynamic workplaces for growth and success.


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The Ultimate Resource for Effective Project Management for Non-Project Managers

Your no frills, no fluff guide to success in every endeavor.

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Donna Franklin West

MHA, PMP, CSM Founder and CEO of The Virtual PM

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I’m an IT professional with a wealth of experience spanning more than two decades. Throughout my career, I've adeptly overseen the entire spectrum of IT projects, from their inception to ensuring that they run smoothly.

My knack for conceptual thinking helps me to navigate intricate scenarios, facilitate decision-making processes, and ultimately implement what is required to be done. I thrive on collaboration with clients, crafting tailored partnerships that cater precisely to their distinctive needs.

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